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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog Opening

Ok so I decided to change my blog language from finnish to english. That's just because I think that way my blog reaches much more people interested in pc-games.

So heartly hello to all you peeps checking on my blog, I appreciate it. I decided to start sharing my passion for pc-gaming and I hope that most of the gamers find my blog useful. At the moment, I'm following these unrelease games:

Guild Wars 2
Star Wars - The Old Republic
Elderscrolls V - Skyrim
Battlefield 3

and these released games:

Dragon Age 2

Though I dont have the game above yet, I really am going to buy it soon, when I got more time for playing.


  1. Itse olen vetänyt Dragon Age 2:sen läpi, ja oli aivan mahtava, suosittelen.

  2. Ahh ok! I look forward to seeing your first impressions!