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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Official Skyrim Trailer

So the Skyrim is coming in November, and here is the video that shows us what its going to be like:


Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Okay here it goes. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim must be the most anticipated game of the year, and not only because we know its release date (which is 11.11.11). Once again it seems that Bethesda has overdone itself in making of the game. /hype off. Okay now lets be honest. There are more than 6 months left to release date and already they have let us see gameplaying of the game. How cool is that? You can also visit the TES: Skyrim website for additional info and trailer that is downloadable in HD. ( )

What do we know about Skyrim then? I know this much: You play as a dragon hunter, which main job is to vanquish all the evil dragons. You can choose to be mage or archer or warrior, but you do slay dragons. And as you slay them, you gain powers that make your game experience much more enjoyable (like teleport). There are many new features that will blown your mind, like dualwielding. And once again, you can read about the plot of the game from wikipedia, I'm not telling more than this in my blog.

After watching the trailer and some other Skyrim videos, I have to tell you about two things that came in my mind. First thing is graphics. Oblivion took huge leap in graphics from Morrowind, and of course we are expecting the same thing for Skyrim to do. Well, its kinda yes and no. Yes it has much better graphics than Oblivion and through it the medieval atmosphere flows much easier through you. Though it is not as good as seen in Battlefield 3 trailer. Second one is music. One of my favorite music maker Jeremy Soule makes all of Skyrims music and it's UNBELIEVABLE GOOD. Listen to that trailer music, its like immediate eargasm everytime you hear it. Oh well, maybe im just a big fan of game/movie soundtracks but I feel that it was worth mentioning.

So yeah, it is going to be an awesome game. It's all good and stuff, but I'm just curious about one thing: Will I be able to minimize my gamewindow while playing? It was like hell applying all the cheats and look for the help from the internet as I had to close down my game in Oblivion, please dont be like that anymore :(

Guild Wars 2

Lets get into business. Guild Wars was my first "MMO" and when I started playing it, I was 15 years old. Nowadays, when I'm 20+, I still enjoy playing it. And I sure am waiting eagerly for Arenanets next big game: Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 changes almost everything that was in original Guild Wars. Its a whole different game, not an expansion first of all, and if you didn't like Guild Wars back in the days, you might like this one (though that might work also opposite). Anet has not stated release date yet, but it will propably come out in 2012. Lets just hope it comes before judgement day so we have some time trying it out. In GW2, there is not one race to play (human), there are 5 of them:


These 5 races can all choose from 8 professions which to play:

Thief, Ranger, Guardian, Warrior, Elementalist and Necromancer. There are 2 yet to be announced professions, and one of them are suggested to be Mesmer. On of the interesting aspects of the game is that there are no profession specialised for healing. All of the profession can heal in some way, but there is also that thing that you cannot target your allies directly with your skills.

I will left all the rest of the game mechanics for wikipedia obviously, and now I will bring in some info that you cannot find there. Annual PAX East ended few days ago, and GW2 was in a big role there. you can see some gameplay footage of the norn area, guardian and thief playing and stuff like that in youtube ( ).
There are also useful forum that will give you a chance to discuss your opinions of the game and news Anet publishes:

From now on, I will start giving you guys info from the game as it comes out and I hope you can get as much out of it as possible.

ps. I will propably play human ranger or charr/norn warrior in the game, they look so furious :DD

Blog Opening

Ok so I decided to change my blog language from finnish to english. That's just because I think that way my blog reaches much more people interested in pc-games.

So heartly hello to all you peeps checking on my blog, I appreciate it. I decided to start sharing my passion for pc-gaming and I hope that most of the gamers find my blog useful. At the moment, I'm following these unrelease games:

Guild Wars 2
Star Wars - The Old Republic
Elderscrolls V - Skyrim
Battlefield 3

and these released games:

Dragon Age 2

Though I dont have the game above yet, I really am going to buy it soon, when I got more time for playing.